This Sunday's Video Set - I'm In Trouble lesson 1
The children's ministry is led by Pastors Earl and Rebecca Faunce.  Their passion is for the kids to love Jesus and love church.  They run a fast paced multimedia program that focuses on worship, inspirational Bible teaching and fun.   Come join us.
Sundays - 9am  11:15am  - Wednesdays 7pm
Pastors Earl and Rebecca Faunce
What are the kids learning this week?
Sunday Mornings 9am / 11:15am

    Each week by Friday we will post a lesson intro video above for you to watch at home.
This eight week series teaches the kids how to deal with life's troubles and how to call on God for help.   Individual lesson titles include:
God is faithful, I am not alone, have patience,
shelter from the storm, His strength is perfect,
It's not fair, I can do, open your eyes.
  (This series comes from High Voltage.)

Sunday Evening - 6pm Wonder Kids
  Wonder Kids is back Sunday nights so the kids can have an amazing and fun time learning about God and the Bible.  This is helpful to parents so they can attend their own small group. 

Wednesday Night Kid Jam

This new fun series is all about Jesus.  Why he came, who he was, and what he did.  Kids will learn what he taught, the miracles he did, and most importantly, how much he loves them. 
Bus and vans running this Wednesday the 27th?
BUS - YES      
VANS  -YES   Dave - YES
Need to know info:​
This Sunday we start a great new lesson series: I'm in Trouble.  
Video above / more info below.

Nursery and Pre-School open for all services.

Sundays 6pm Wonder Kids.
This fun service covers child care for small groups.
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Due to the virus restrictions, you now are allowed to cut through the south gym door and then go to the front entrance.   If by chance we get full at the main building, the Anthem House will be open for overflow. Kids in the gym are counted separately from adults. ​ Please wear a mask until further notice. If you don't have one we can provide one.​
Sorry for technical issues with the video.  Check back soon.