Our children's ministry is led by Pastors Earl and Rebecca Faunce.  Their passion is for the kids to love Jesus and love church.  They run a fast paced multimedia program that focuses on worship, inspirational Bible teaching and fun.   Come join us.
Sundays - 9am / 11:15am / 6pm - Wednesdays 7pm
Pastors Earl and Rebecca Faunce
What are the kids learning this week?
Sunday Mornings 9am / 11:15am

In this eight week series we are looking at stories of battle in the Bible and how God's people were victorious with his help.  We all have battles, but we can also get the victory when we fight God's way.  And our real enemy is the devil, not people.

Sunday Night Wonder Kids 
This session for the kids during small group time is simply called Bible Story Time.   There will also be fun worship time and game time. We will go into more detail about the most important stories in the Bible.  Each week will be a different story and the kids will learn not just what happened but how they can apply the story to their lives.

Wednesday Night Kid Jam

This new fun series is called Emotions.  God made every part of us including emotions.  Kids will learn that no matter how they feel they can turn to God and He will help them express these different emotions in a good way.
Bus and vans running this Wednesday?
BUS - YES     
VANS  -YES   Dave - YES
Need to know info:​
​This Sunday May 2nd, we have a power lesson for the kids, to teach them to trust the Lord even when things look really bad.  Our focus will be on how God used Moses to part the Red Sea so the Israelite could escape the army of Egypt.

Sunday evenings 6:00pm: Wonder Kids Bible Story Time.   This includes fun praise songs and games. 

Nursery and Pre-School open for all services.
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